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The Truffle Hunters

   2021    Culture
(Click CC for Subtitles) Deep in the forests of Northern Italy resides the prized white Alba truffle. Desired by the wealthiest patrons in the world, it remains a pungent but rarified mystery. It cannot be cultivated or found: the only souls on Earth who know how to dig it up are a tiny circle of canines and their silver-haired human companions-Italian elders with walking sticks and devilish senses of humor-who only scour for the truffle at night so as not to leave any clues for others. Still, this small enclave of hunters induces a feverish buying market that spans the globe.
With unprecedented access to the elusive truffle hunters, filmmakers Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw follow this maddening cycle from the forest floor to the pristine restaurant plate. With a wily and absurdist flare, The Truffle Hunters captures a precarious ritual constantly threatened by greed and outside influences but still somehow protected by those clever, tight-lipped few who know how to unearth the magic within nature.

The Seven New Signs of the Apocalypse

   2015    Culture
Every day our planet faces cataclysmic events that threaten our very existence. Whether from natural or man-made forces, rising from the earth or menacing from space, the world seems beset by more catastrophes than ever. Some believe the signs of the coming Apocalypse are all around us–as outlined in the bible’s most compelling book of prophecies: Revelation". And even the non-religious can’t ignore what appears to be a growing rate of globe-threatening disasters. Are we approaching a biblical “End of Times”? And if so–how will it happen? Will it come from an act of God? Or a colossal misstep of man? Get an uncomfortably close front row seat to some of the most likely apocalyptic scenarios our world faces today–and the history, both scientific and biblical, behind them.

The Secrets of the Sun

   2007    Science    3D
A look at how the Sun was formed and how it could potentially die; its physical composition; how it makes energy; and the nature of solar eclipses, solar flares and sunspot activity. Behold the sun and all of its glory. Learn all things about the sun ranging from its beginning to its death. Also learn about how stars work in general and MUCH, MUCH more.
Series: The Universe

Secrets of the Sun

   2021    Science
The Sun is a endless churning cauldron of nuclear reactions and our planet is at its mercy. Revealing its inner workings was once mission impossible, but not any more. We've recruited a fleet of spacecraft that monitor the Sun 24 hours a day, under close surveillance. We just might have what it takes to defend our planet.
Series: How the Universe Works Series 9

Dark History of Earth

   2022    Sicence
Earth's history is marked by one cosmic disaster after another, forging the path of human evolution. Asteroid and comet collisions, flares from the Sun, mass extinctions, supernova explosions, cosmic ray bombardment. You name it, we've experienced it. It's kind of a miracle we're here at all. Now, experts explore how the Earth has teetered on the verge of destruction.
Series: How the Universe Works Season 10

Brothers No More

   2022    History
Vlad Dracula presses an increasingly desperate guerrilla campaign from the shadows, hoping to demoralize the Ottomans and slow their march north. After chasing Vlad for two weeks, sultan Mehmed II and his invading army find themselves caught in a nightmare come to life deep within the Wallachian forest. Many legends have arisen out of the invasion of Wallachia in 1462. One speaks of Vlad Dracula launching a biological attack against the Ottomans to slow their march to his capital city, Târgovişte. Vlad opened his prisons and released hardened criminals to go amongst the Ottomans with tuberculosis and bubonic plague so that they could infect the enemies.
Vlad Dracula also had carried out a scorched-earth policy against Mehmed II. Along with his hit-and-run campaign from the shadows has left the sultan's troops on edge. As Mehmed's army closes on Târgovişte, tensions flare in the Ottoman camp, where food and water are in increasingly short supply. But Vlad had nowhere to rely on food for himself either and there was nowhere to go anymore. He became a prisoner of his own scorched-earth policy. Radu Dracula closes in to take Princess Anastasia hostage. Anastasia commits suicide when he reach her at Poenari castle.
Series: Rise of Empires 2: Mehmed vs Vlad
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History of the Eagles

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Shine a Light

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Frozen Planet II

Frozen Planet II

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Formula 1 Season 5

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