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Bounce Back

   2023    Culture
Mercedes' W13 Is put to the test at pre-season tests at Bahrain with Lewis Hamilton and new teammate George Russell behind the wheel. However, the car exhibits an incredibly unpleasant drive with an excessive amount of porpoising. The team has noticed the issue and plans to work on it before further tests commence. However, for Mercedes, the issue seems to remain unfixed. Indeed, the issues are present coming to the races at Imola, Spain, and Monaco, before arriving at the Baku City Circuit for Azerbaijan. Lewis' back starts to exhibit pain as he goes down the straights of Baku as Max Verstappen takes home the victory with Lewis taking fourth. After the race, the team principals convene for a meeting, where Toto Wolff of Mercedes expresses his dismay and concern about the safety of the drivers.
The Silverstone round, which also coincided with Zhou Guanyu's big crash coming into Abbey, finishes with Lewis Hamilton taking third place and Carlos Sainz Jr. taking his first career victory in Formula One. Lewis, having questioned the possibilities of retirement following the 2021 season, announces he is here to stay with Mercedes.
Series: Formula 1 Season 5

Matter of Principal

   2023    Culture
The first outing of the Miami Grand Prix is starting, and Ferrari looks to continue their successful streak starting from Bahrain and Australia into Miami. Ferrari's two drivers Charles Leclerc - who is leading the Drivers' Championship coming into the race - and Carlos Sainz Jr. lock out the first two rows of the grid. In the race, Verstappen immediately takes second from Sainz, and would take the lead by the ninth lap. Soon, McLaren's Lando Norris makes contact with Pierre Gasly of AlphaTauri, bringing out the safety car. Leclerc's old tires soon give him a disadvantage, which Verstappen exploits in his first victory in Miami. Leclerc finishes second ahead of his teammate.
As the season continues, Ferrari continues to make errors that end up costing their drivers the win; in Monaco, Leclerc leads the race as Sainz is brought in - but Leclerc, having been told to come in too, follows Sainz into the pits - only being told to stay out after he had already came in for his stop - handing Red Bull's Sergio Pérez the victory as Leclerc finishes fourth; in Baku, both Ferraris - Leclerc leading - retire due to mechanical failure with Verstappen winning; and in Canada, both Ferraris stay out again and are inconvenienced by their old rubber, handing Verstappen the win once again.
At a rainy Silverstone qualification, Sainz scores his first pole position in his career, and Leclerc, having spun earlier in quali, takes third. The race starts with a big crash for Zhou Guanyu, red-flagging the race. The race starts with Sainz, having retained his grid position, getting a good start; by lap ten, Sainz continues to control the field, but makes an error, allowing Verstappen to take the lead. However, the Red Bull driver reports a puncture and pits, allowing Sainz to take the lead again with Leclerc behind. Soon, the Ferrari pit wall tells Sainz to give the position to Leclerc as Esteban Ocon retires due to mechanical issues, bringing out a safety car. As Leclerc is told to stay out on his old tires, Sainz is brought in for fresh rubber. The race restarts and Sainz overtakes his struggling teammate for first, going on to win his first race in his career. Mattia Binotto, acknowledging the strategical errors made throughout the season thus far, resolves to fix them in the following races.
Series: Formula 1 Season 5

Like Father Like Son

   2023    Culture
In his second year in the team, Haas driver Mick Schumacher faces a lot of pressure, which is not helped by a lot of expectations from being a Formula Two World Champion and being the son of a seven-time World Champion. The paddock travels to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit for the second running of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix; as qualification for the race begins, Mick's run grinds to a halt when he suffers a big crash, ruling him out of the race due to the damage sustained to his car. Schumacher continues to struggle after Saudi; in Miami, Schumacher, in ninth place, collides with Sebastian Vettel, taking both drivers out of the race; he starts his Monaco run at the back of the field, only to lose it coming into the swimming pool section and splitting his car in half in the ensuing crash.
By the time the paddock has traveled to Baku, Magnussen has led the championship for the Haas team with 15 points against Schumacher's 0, and faces a lot of pressure over his future in the team. Schumacher starts the race in last place, while Magnussen rises up the field. However, Magnussen's race is stopped due to an engine issue, leaving Haas' chance for points in the hands of a slow-running Schumacher. Indeed, Schumacher is running very slowly to the point he is lapped by the leading Verstappen. Away from the track, Schumacher trains with his personal trainer, convinced he can still score points.
At Silverstone, Schumacher starts at the back of the grid, but the session is red-flagged due to a big crash for Zhou Guanyu, which the Haas drivers manage to avoid. Schumacher and Magnussen are due to start 16th and 14th, respectively. Schumacher pushes through the field - and with an overtake on Ricciardo, a DRS-assisted overtake on Vettel - and ultimately Verstappen, he ultimately manages to finish eighth - his first points in Formula One, sending the Haas pit wall into a celebration; Vettel and Verstappen also congratulate Schumacher for his efforts during the race. However, despite his efforts in the race, Mick's seat in the Haas team remains open.
Series: Formula 1 Season 5

A Point to Prove

   2022    Culture
This episode is all about Williams Racing. After over forty years in F1, the family from which the team is named has sold up, and the not-ominous-sounding-at-all Dorilton Capital has moved in and is ringing the changes. They have got a motor sport man through and through to run it though: former Volkswagen WRC principal Jost Capito. The new boss soon starts scything through the team with ruthless German efficiency.
George Russell soon gets in the mood also, like a prefect joining in with the teacher grassing someone up, saying some team members need to be given the shove. The team does come through to score a valiant eighth and ninth in Budapest. The new regime is rocking and rolling.
Series: Formula 1 Season four

Sagrada Familia the Gaudi revolution

   2022    Art
Construction of the famous Basilica in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudi, was started in 1882. To this day, it has not been completed. The architecture is one of such creative madness, originality, and fantasy, that it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After years of piecing back together Gaudi’s master plan with advancements in computer technology and design, architects have been able to pursue the building, started 140 years ago. However, as construction progresses, some of its greatest challenges have yet to be surmounted, including the construction of 10 more spires. The team hopes to complete the masterpiece by 2026, Gaudi’s 100 year anniversary.
This film documents the complexities of respecting the original inspiration and techniques set forth by Gaudi over a century ago. Juxtaposing sequences shot in the midst of the cathedral as construction ensues, with reenactments and CGI images, the documentary draws you into Gaudi’s paradise on earth, from the origins of its inspiration to the most recent architectural additions.

Going Small

   2022    Science
In this mind-bending series, Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores the vast range of size in the universe, from tiny atoms to gigantic, interconnected galaxies.
In the first episode, Jim will enter the world of objects that are too tiny to glimpse with the naked eye. Starting with the smallest insects, he moves on to encounter living cells with amazing superpowers and confronts some of humanity's deadliest enemies in the form of viruses. Going smaller still, he encounters wondrous new nanomaterials such as graphene, discovered by physicist Andre Geim. These are revolutionising engineering, medicine, computing, electronics and environmental science. Finally, Jim comes face to face with the fundamental building blocks of the world around us – atoms – and reveals why understanding the science of the 'small' is crucial to the future of humanity.
Series: Secrets of Size: Atoms to Supergalaxies
Building Giants

Building Giants

2019  Technology


Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

2020  Science