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   2021    Medicine
A look into how the body defends itself against all odds through the stories of a nature survivalist, rancher twins, a doctor who survived Ebola and a cancer therapy recipient. The Immune System, essential to our survival every second, is the most complex and least understood piece of our biology.
Series: Human: The World Within

Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space Episode I

   2021    Technology
Follow the four civilians as they launch into space on a three-day trip orbiting Earth and reaching an altitude higher than that of the International Space Station. The SpaceX Dragon mission, dubbed Inspiration4, is making history as the first all-civilian mission to orbit.
In the first episode, preparations begin for the mission. The commander is Jared Isaacman, a billionaire entrepreneur who purchased the flight for all four passengers, and the second crew member is a 29-year-old cancer survivor, Hayley Arceneaux.
Series: Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space

The Blob: A Genius without a Brain

   2021    Science
Not an animal, nor a plant, nor fungi, the blob is one giant single cell whose amazing capacities are leading pioneer scientists to a very new world – that of brainless intelligence. More commonly known as slime mould, this extraordinary one-billion-year-old organism challenges our understanding in many different fields.
This fascinating documentary follows top experts from Europe, Japan and the US on a scientific investigation into this most surprising organism.


   2020    Science
Genetic breakthroughs have shed light on how life evolves in real-time. From filling in the missing links to creating a new species, in the last 50 years scientists have solved some of the biggest mysteries of evolution. In this episode, we look at revolutionary discoveries that shook the world and may shape our future.
Series: The Great Acceleration

The Chrysalis

   2020    Culture
Bonnie and Marshall - 'Ti' and 'Do' turn to recording their lessons to teach their followers how to transcend, and the intense rule and check partner system is set-up. The renaming of the members, the haircuts, and the clothing style also are changed to fit an androgynous look.
When Ti is given a cancer diagnosis, the dynamic of the group changes. After Ti dies from cancer in 1985, a distraught Do briefly allows members to visit their families. When the members return, Do becomes more controlling.
Series: Heavens Gate
The Putin Interviews
The Putin Interviews

   2017    Culture
The Cell
The Cell

Putin: A Russian Spy Story
Putin: A Russian Spy Story

   2020    History
The Beatles: Get Back
The Beatles: Get Back

   2021    Art
Out of the Cradle
Out of the Cradle

   2019    History
The Art of Russia
The Art of Russia

   2009    Art