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Seasonal Worlds

   2022    Nature
Will explore the strategy, deception and feats of engineering plants use to thrive in the changing weather of different seasons. In the face of conditions ranging from ice and snow to raging fires, survival is often a question of perfect timing - particularly when contending with intense competition and surprising predators.
In this episode, David Attenborough travels to Finland to show one of the most extreme examples of seasonal plant life in the Arctic Circle. He also travels to California to see how climate change is affecting giant sequoias. These ancient trees like all other seasonal plants depend on the predictability of the seasons and our current changing climate threatens their survival.
Series: The Green Planet

Prehistoric Planet: Ice Worlds

   2022    Science
In the fourth episode, Dromaeosaurs stalk a hadrosaur herd as they cross a freezing river. Male Ornithomimus raid rival nests to bolster their own. Olorotitan raise their offspring on fertile volcanic fields but contend with biting mosquitoes.
Troodontids hunt mammals flushed out by a forest fire. A juvenile Antarctopelta scours the forest for a new winter den. Within the snow-covered forest, a tense standoff develops between ancient rivals, Pachyrhinosaurus and Nanuqsaurus.
Series: Prehistoric Planet

15 Shocking Ancient Secrets

   2021    History
From a 2,400-year-old corpse in remarkable condition to how shrunken heads are made, these 15 ancient secrets will have you completely riveted. The Vesuvius eruption may have been a gradual process. It took a storm to lift the cover on this ancient Roman city. The people of Pompeii often resorted to vigilante justice. How the wealthy of Pompeii protected their valuables? Was this pre-Viking gathering a prelude to a massacre? The valuable commodity behind King Solomon's wealth. This valuable Viking grave is missing something important. Is this where humanity decided to settle down? This mysterious stone structure is older than Stonehenge. This 2,400 year old corpse is in remarkable condition. Here's exactly how shrunken heads are made. DNA analysis reveals troubling news about shrunken heads. This mass grave discovery could alter Roman history. Gladiator teeth reveal signs of infant malnourishment. Evidence suggests Stonehenge was an elite cemetery.

Olive Oil: How is it Made Myths and Tips

   2021    Nature    HD
From a gift from the gods in ancient times to a fountain of health in modern times. The olive oil making process and history is explored in a journey plenty of humour and magic. The extra-virgin olive oil is the reason behind the Mediterranean diet benefits because is the unique vegetable oil that keeps its plethora of monounsaturated fats while cooking or frying. Discover how olive oil can change your life, its myths and tips.
FDA Review about the Oleic Acid:

Curse of the White Holes

   2021    Science
The white hole is a region of spacetime and that cannot be entered from the outside, although energy-matter, light and information can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole. Einstein predicted strange cosmic phenomena known as white holes, but scientists have yet to prove they exist.
Today, astronomers race to find the clues that can unlock the secrets of white holes. They investigate the tiny black holes that hide in the most ancient parts of the universe to finally find the smoking gun.
Series: Space Deepest Secrets Series 8

The Giant Ice Planets

   2021    Science
Uranus and Neptune, two of the largest, farthest and strangest planets in our solar system. These two planets break all the rules. Of all the big planets, Uranus and Neptune remain the biggest enigmas. Today, astronomers are finally unlocking why these supersized snowballs are so weird. Can an ancient mega-collision reveal what knocked Uranus onto its side? Can a missing twin world unlock why one of Neptune's moons orbits the wrong way? And what is the energy that drives the fastest winds in the solar system?
Series: Space Deepest Secrets Series 8
Capitalism A Love Story

Capitalism A Love Story

2009  Culture
High Score

High Score

2020  Technology
Wonders Of The Universe

Wonders Of The Universe

2011  Science


2021  Nature