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Formula 1 Season four


Clash of the Titans

   2022    Culture
Drivers, managers and team owners live life in the fast lane — both on and off the track — during this cutthroat new season of Formula 1 racing.
In the first episode, the 2021 Formula 1 season begins at the Bahrain Grand Prix, where drivers give it everything to take the first checkered flag of the year.

Ace in the Hole

   2022    Culture
This is the first of two episodes dissecting the psyche of Daniel Ricciardo. A second big money move in two years now sees the Australian set foot on the shore of the McLaren Technology Centre, only to find the territory is already occupied by Lando Norris. The Australian looks like he was really hoping to flash the car up into Q3 with his teeth, only to find it isn’t that easy.
Ricciardo is really struggling to get his head around the idiosyncratic MCL35M, but it gets worse: his boyish, funny, charismatic team-mate Norris is doing him over every week. The relations between the two drivers deteriorate also. Can Ricciardo recover his form?
The footage is interspersed with short scenes featuring Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

Tipping Point

   2022    Culture
Red Bull's Max Verstappen pulls off a string of victories. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes struggles to keep pace. Later, an accident leads to controversy. We will see more Red Bull vs Mercedes, with a bit of Ferrari thrown in. Again Wolff and Horner engage in what appear to be pretty staged chats with their loved ones over the first meal of the day about the intensity of the championship fight but also pumpernickel.
Monaco plays out brilliantly for Red Bull and miserably for Mercedes, but several laps of Horner’s garden still look more exciting than that ’21 GP round the principality. Things all come to a head at the British GP, and we will all know how that ends. Cue more swearing and breakfast war-planning.

A Mountain to Climb

The Haas team looks to reverse its recent fortunes with a new sponsor and two rookie drivers: Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher. Reliable Netflix gang-show entertainers, Guenther Steiner and his motley Haas crew are it again. This time they invited a Russian oligarch to sponsor them and his spoilt son to drive, what could possibly go wrong?
It soon turns out Nikita Mazepin can’t make head nor rear diffuser of the VF-21 car, being easily trounced by team-mate Mick Schumacher: 'I don’t know how he drives that thing' says poor Niki. Soon, some rather rude phrases are being exchanged between the team and driver, with the elder Mazepin threatening to withdraw his sponsorship early on in the season. However, what can only be described as a genius tyre call at his home grand prix in Sochi means young Maz rescues the situation and blazes a trail to finish.

Staying Alive

   2022    Culture
Ricciardo is still trying to get to grips with that pesky papaya number, whilst things get tetchier and tetchier between the Macca team-mate as races go by. 'We’re very different,' says Norris darkly. Luckily there's a sprint race for Ricciardo to get his Mansell-esque chops into, then it all falls into place. Bottas gets a grid penalty, Verstappen and Hamilton waltz off the track together and Norris promises not to overtake the old man in front a la Damon Hill / Ralf Schumacher at Spa ’98. The Honey Badger is back!
Secrets of the Dead

Secrets of the Dead

2017  History
Enemies of Reason

Enemies of Reason