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Fierce Queens


Love Trap

   2020    Nature
In America the summer twilight brings out a magical display of glittering lights. Millions and millions of fireflies, an ethereal sight. But behind this twinkling facade is a fierce female setting a deadly trap. The femme-fatale of fireflies is part seductress, part vampire, as Reese shows us the fireflies' deadly trickery to provide nourishment to their young.

Dangerous Liaisons

   2020    Nature
Deep in the jungles of Taiwan lives female giant golden orb-weaver spider -- among the biggest web building spiders on the planet. With a leg-span of almost eight inches and silk like kevlar, she's a fearsome predator. But the orb spiders must find a way to mate with her male counterparts, who are approximately 10 times smaller and 500 times lighter than she is.