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   2021    Medicine
How do the five senses really work? In fact, there are many more than five, and they all work together to create our own version of reality. We dive into the stories of a pairs figure skating team, a perfumer, a cave explorer, and a musician to decipher how different ways of sensing the world all create their own vivid, and unique, picture.
This episode explores the world of human sensation and how it defines reality.
Series: Human: The World Within

Bird Brain

In the past few decades, scientists have learned that the basis of everything they thought they knew about bird brains—that they were largely comprised of the most primitive and instinctual of brain structures—was wrong. Fully 75 percent of the brains of parrots and thousands of other species of birds is actually made up of a sophisticated information processing system that works much the same way as the locus of human higher-mindedness, the cerebral cortex.
The film shows scientists putting birds to the test. Can they solve problems? Can they cooperate? Do they feel emotion? New research demonstrates just how clever they can be.

Olive Oil: How is it Made Myths and Tips

   2021    Nature    HD
From a gift from the gods in ancient times to a fountain of health in modern times. The olive oil making process and history is explored in a journey plenty of humour and magic. The extra-virgin olive oil is the reason behind the Mediterranean diet benefits because is the unique vegetable oil that keeps its plethora of monounsaturated fats while cooking or frying. Discover how olive oil can change your life, its myths and tips.
FDA Review about the Oleic Acid:

Generation Iron

   2013    Culture
The film examines the professional sport of bodybuilding today and gives us access to the lives of current bodybuilding stars Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, Victor Martinez, Hidetada Yamagishi as well as ambitious newcomer Ben Pakulski and European sensation Roelly Winklaar on their journey to be crowned Mr. Olympia.
A true story of dedication, rivalry, victory, defeat, redemption and triumph.
Series: Generation Iron

The Last Dance Episode II

   2020    Culture
We will see in this episode how Scottie Pippen rises from obscurity to become one of the NBA's best players. Also how an injury early in Michael Jordan's career sows distrust with Chicago Bulls management. Scottie Pippen took an unusual path to the NBA, growing into a star at Central Arkansas. Pippen earns the trust of Jordan and finds the perfect role as an elite wing defender and playmaker, but his frustration with management over his contract leads to a trade demand in 1997.
Series: The Last Dance
Chef's Table
Chef's Table

   2017    Art

   2016    Culture
Life In Cold Blood
Life In Cold Blood

   2008    Nature

   2006    Art
Capitalism A Love Story
Capitalism A Love Story

   2009    Culture