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a-ha: The Movie

   2021    Art
(click CC for subtitles) 'a-ha' is Norway's only international pop band and their hit 'Take On Me' is still one of the most-played songs of the last millennium. The film follows the band over a period of four years, telling the full story of how three young men followed their impossible dream of becoming Norwegian pop stars. When 'Take On Me' reached number 1 on Billboard in the US in 1985, the dream came true. Or did it?
Almost 35 years after their breakthrough, a-ha still creates magic on stage with their melancholic and timeless music. They tour the world but drive in separate cars and stay in separate hotel rooms. They only meet on stage, doing the one thing they love. The film closely portrays the challenging creative and personal dynamics of a group of three strong individuals who have grown up together, but in different directions. What does success do to friendship? Why are they not capable of creating new music together anymore? This is a story of great music, big ambitions, broken friendship--and maybe forgiveness.

Hotel Coolgardie

On a dusty highway between Australia's most isolated city and its largest gold pit lies Coolgardie - where the arrival every three months of a new pair of foreign backpackers to work the only bar in town is a keenly anticipated event. Fresh off the plane and lured by the promise of an authentic outback experience, Finnish travellers Lina and Steph find themselves en route to a dot on the map - to pour beers, replenish depleted travel funds, and live amongst the locals. But their working holiday quickly deteriorates into a baptism of fire.
Harangued by their new boss, relentlessly pursued by booze-addled patrons, and prey to the madness and malaise of an environment as claustrophobic as it is isolated - the girls soon realise that to meet expectations out here, they'll need to do more than just serve drinks.

Gallipoli to the Syrian Border

   2017    Culture
Travel writer Simon Reeve embarks upon two long-distance journeys across Turkey, exploring this dramatic and beautiful country that now finds itself at the centre of world events. In this programme, he visits Istanbul and the beaches and crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, before ending up at the war-torn border with Syria.
In the region thought to have been the origin of the first vineyards, Simon meets a producer now trying to sell wine in a Muslim country with an increasingly conservative government. In Istanbul, he meets some of the people shaping modern Turkey, from loyal supporters of the nation's controversial and authoritarian president to the master builder constructing one of the world's largest mosques and the notorious billionaire cashing in on a Turkish property boom.
Along Turkey's famous Turquoise Coast, Simon has a taste of luxury at the country's most expensive hotel, but discovers an industry on its knees as war in Syria and deadly terror attacks keep millions of holidaymakers away.
Series: Turkey with Simon Reeve


   2020    Culture
As the journey continues, there's beauty and danger in equal measure. Charley and Ewan travel through the extraordinary Bolivian desert, but the sandy roads make all more difficult. The duo ride their electric bikes through the exotic and breathtaking countryside and all the way making a challenging ascent. The riders stay in a hotel made entirely out of salt before heading to La Paz. 'Bolivia' also shows some quality work done by UNICEF when it comes to educating and working with the children. McGregor and Boorman spend time with the kids before resuming their journey and ending with a ferry ride over lake Titicaca.
Series: Long Way Up

Atacama Desert Into Bolivia

   2020    Culture
As the journey continues, there's beauty and danger in equal measure for Charley Boorman and Ewan McGrego. The duo ride their electric Harleys through the exotic and breathtaking Bolivian countryside in a tough ascent. The sixth episode showcases some of the challenges the hosts and the crew face when they scale the terrain. One of the Rivians runs into trouble while sandy roads and a heavy breeze sees Boorman take a tumble. Apart from all the accidents, the chapter also shows some quality work done by UNICEF when it comes to educating and working with the children in Bolivia.
The altitude sickness hits Taylor, their logistics man real bad and McGregor starts feeling it as well. The episode ends with a doctor heading to his hotel room to check up on him.
Series: Long Way Up

Elvis Presley: The Searcher Part Two

   2018    History
The second part of this series begins with his return home after his discharge from the army, and how he dealt with a rapidly changing pop scene.
The picture is more complicated than even a fairly serious Elvis fan may understand. Priscilla Presley, who made some appearances in the first part, offers much more here, helping us understand how being forced into making a string of lousy movies was one kind of artistic prison, and then being ensconced in casino hotels for his famous Las Vegas residency was another. The man who had so carefully created his original persona was now stuck in the shallow roles others forced him to play.
Series: Elvis Presley: The Searcher
The Truth About

The Truth About

2018  Medicine
The Last Dance

The Last Dance

2020  Culture