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The Exit

   2022    Culture
The start of a new year brings the January transfer window and Mikel Arteta the chance to rebuild his squad. Arsenal continue their quest for silverware, competing in the FA and Carabao Cup, as well as still fighting for top 4. Meanwhile, questions over Aubameyang's future continue dominating the media and the club must come to a decision about what to do with their former captain.
Series: All or Nothing: Arsenal

Eating Our Way To Extinction

   2021    Nature
Starring globally renowned figures and the world's leading scientists, 'Eating Our Way To Extinction' will take you on a journey - A powerful cinematic feature documentary that opens the lid on the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about: Unsustainable beef cattle production leads to deforestation, increased pollution and plundering of resources. Alarming and entertaining, this compelling film will make you never look at your food or the food industry in the same way again.
We cannot deny the destruction of our planet any longer. The damage is clear and we have nowhere else to go! It is time to face the truth, however uncomfortable that may be – we are on borrowed time. But every day we have the power to make great food choices for our planet, palate and person.

Super Senses

   2022    Nature
Our super friends in the animal world possess so many hidden superpowers. In the third episode we meet heat-seeking dogs, GPS-outfitted cats, and a sporty goldfish with squad goals.
When we think we know them inside out, dogs surprise us with something new. what sensory superpower have dogs been hiding all this time? They have a thermal sensor in the tip of his nose. In the wild, a dog could use his thermal nose to spot the heat of a prey animal, allowing him to hunt even if his other senses were impaired. It also explains that uncanny knack for stealing a warm seat.
Series: The Hidden Lives of Pets

The Fielder Method

   2022    Culture
To recruit actors for his rehearsals, Nathan opens an acting studio in Los Angeles, teaching 'the Fielder Method', which involves covertly observing and imitating unaware subjects. Feeling insecure about his own performance, Nathan reenacts the class with actors and a fake Nathan as the teacher while the real Nathan plays the role of Thomas, a student. Nathan makes his students immerse themselves in other people's lives while he immerses himself in Thomas's life, even living in Thomas's home.
Nathan returns to Oregon, where his 'son', Adam, is now a teenager. Nathan and Joshua, the actor playing Adam, decide that Adam should lash out due to resentment of his absentee father and develop a drug problem, a situation that mirrors Angela's own past. Adam suffers an overdose and is tended to by emergency responders played by Thomas and another Fielder Method graduate. After he runs away from home, the 15-year-old Adam reverts to a 6-year-old since Nathan plans to relive his son's earlier years.
Series: The Rehearsal

Gold Digger

   2022    Culture
Nathan and Angela accelerate their parenting rehearsal with three-year-old, then six-year-old actors portraying their fake son, 'Adam'. Angela refuses to participate in Halloween due to her belief in Satanic conspiracies.
Nathan balances parenting duties with a rehearsal for Patrick, a man who wants to confront his brother over their late grandfather's will, which bans Patrick from inheriting money if he is dating a 'gold digger'. The rehearsal occurs in a replica Raising Cane's restaurant in a warehouse next to the relocated Alligator Lounge. To introduce real emotions to the rehearsal, Nathan stages a scenario to convince Patrick that he could inherit buried gold from the grandfather of Isaac, the actor who plays Patrick's brother. After Patrick has an emotional breakthrough during a rehearsal, he leaves the production and never returns. Nathan narrates that he is envious that self-deception is easy for some people as he ponders his fake family.
Series: The Rehearsal

Kyiv The Resistance of Citizens

   2022    History
In March 2022, the Russian army was closing in on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, and it was expected to fall in a short period of time. But in fact, many citizens chose to remain in their beloved city and provide resistance in whatever way they could. Despite daily missile attacks and the fear of an impending urban war, they were united in their efforts to protect their freedom and democracy. This documentary looks at the people of Kyiv through the eyes of a Ukrainian filmmaker.
Generation Iron

Generation Iron

2018  History
The Story of India

The Story of India

2007  History
Planet Earth

Planet Earth

2007  Nature