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Seize Power Retain Power

   2021    History
Ten years after waging a bloody campaign to gain control over his own province, powerful samurai warlord Oda Nobunaga has seized much of Central Japan, including the nation’s capital, Kyoto. Now, driven by a towering ambition, he dreams of crushing the powerful clans who still oppose his rule. And for the first time in over a century, uniting all of Japan under one banner. But Nobunaga’s legendary brutality has caused widespread anger. Across the nation, powerful enemies now plot his demise.
Series: Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan

Stop Making Sense

   1984    Art
Over the course of three nights at Hollywood's Pantages Theater in December 1983, filmmaker Jonathan Demme joined creative forces with Jordan Cronenweth and Talking Heads... and miracles occurred. Following a staging concept by singer-guitarist David Byrne, this euphoric concert film transcends that all-too-limited genre to become the greatest film of its kind. A guaranteed cure for anyone's blues, it's a celebration of music that never grows old, fueled by the polyrhythmic pop-funk precision that was a Talking Heads trademark, and lit from within by the geeky supernova that is David Byrne.
This circus of musical pleasure defies the futility of reductive description; it begs to be experienced, felt in the heart, head, and bones, and held there the way we hold on to cherished memories. On those three nights in December 1983, Talking Heads gave love, life, and joy in generous amounts that years cannot erode, and Demme captured this act of creative goodwill on film with minimalist artistic perfection. Stop Making Sense is an invitation to pleasure that will never wear out its welcome.

The Last Dance Episode IV

   2020    History
Phil Jackson brings a new philosophy to the Bulls after replacing Doug Collins and takes the Bulls to the next level. He manages to not only connect on a deep level with his players, but also install the Triangle Offense, a key turning point in Chicago's dynasty.
The Bulls finally eliminate the Pistons in the 1991 Eastern Conference finals and earns a shot at an NBA title. But controversy ensues when Detroit players walk off the floor before the end of regulation without engaging in the customary postgame handshakes.
Series: The Last Dance


   2018    Culture
From virtually the moment we're born, there's a story that's preached across cultures and continents. It's a familiar fairy tale, that finding one true love is the key to a fulfilled and happy life. As an adult, we're forced to reconcile the messaging on monogamy with one simple fact: humans are terrible at it.
What do biology, human history and the promiscuity of bonobos reveal about monogamy? Experts and everyday couples weigh in on shifting cultural norms.
Series: Explained

Mind Reading

   2019    Medicine
Mind reading might sound like pseudoscientific, but its scientific counterpart, thought identification, is very much a real thing. It's based in neuroimaging and machine learning, and what's really cool is that experiments in mind reading aren't just about spying on what someone is thinking. They're about figuring out what thoughts are even made of.
When you think of something, what does that mental picture actually look like? What resolution is it in? How high fidelity is a memory, and how do they change over time? In this episode, we are going to look at how reading people's minds can help us answer these questions.
Series: Mind Field

The Pervert Guide to Cinema

The film takes the viewer on an exhilarating ride through some of the greatest movies ever made. Serving as presenter and guide is the charismatic Slavoj Zizek, the Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst. With his engaging and passionate approach to thinking, Zizek delves into the hidden language of cinema, uncovering what movies can tell us about ourselves.
The Pervert's Guide To Cinema offers an introduction into some of Zizek's most exciting ideas on fantasy, reality, sexuality, subjectivity, desire, materiality and cinematic form. Whether he is untangling the famously baffling films of David Lynch, or overturning everything you thought you knew about Hitchcock, Zizek illuminates the screen with his passion, intellect, and unfailing sense of humour. The film applies Zizek's ideas to the cinematic canon, in what The Times calls 'an extraordinary reassessment of cinema.'


2020  History
Bible's Buried Secrets

Bible's Buried Secrets

2011  Culture
Top Gear

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2009  Nature
The Cell

The Cell

The Jinx

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