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   2020    Culture
Ewan and Charley make their way to Peru from Bolivia, and the scenery is just beautiful. Ewan wanted to visit Machu Picchu since he was a kid and decides to show the world the Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains. Next up, they make their way to the Cutivireni, a community of Ashaninka people in the Amazon rainforest, with its carbon program to limit the magnitude or rate of global warming and its related effects.
Series: Long Way Up

Cobra Gypsies

   2015    Culture
Cobra Gypsies offers a contemporary and colorful window to the amazing ancient culture of the nomadic Kalbeliya tribe, living in rural Rajasthan, Northern India. Their name means 'those who love snakes'. The film explores their culture of eternal dance, syncopated music, snake charming, colorful fashion and the nomadic way of life of these exotic looking castoffs, ancestors to the modern Roma Gypsies living in Europe today.

Cuba and the Cameraman

   2017    Culture
For the past 42 years Director Jon Alpert has been following Fidel Castro and three Cuban families affected by his policies. Their lives put us right in the roller coaster of the Cuban Revolution. Because of Alpert's unique access to the island, and the trust and friendships earned over decades, this film is a candid and revealing never-before-seen portrait of Cuba.

Omens of Doom

   2016    Science
Why were the most fearsome warriors our planet has ever known stopped by a flaming light in the sky? How did Columbus use secret knowledge of the heavens to cheat death in the New World? Our ancestors saw a universe filled with bad omens. The film examines the interpretations by ancient peoples of celestial phenomena as bad omens, and the impact that the perceived omens may have had on history.
Series: The Universe Season 8

The Electric Brain

   2018    Medicine
The nervous system is fundamentally electric. When we move our arm, it moves because a electric signal has been sent to the muscle that controls it. Now, because the brain is electric, we could also use electricity to record what the brain is doing or bypass it entirely, and control a body. That means that we could restore movement to people who are paralyzed, feel through an artificial hand as if it was our own, and even read people's minds.
Michael Stevens explores how electricity can be used to move cockroaches, control other peoples' limbs and even read peoples' thoughts.
Series: Mind Field Season 2

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle 2of2

   2018    History
A heroic congressman, Leo Joseph Ryan Jr, travels to Jonestown; some Temple members plot their escape. Jim Jones realizes the walls are closing in and plans his final stand. After the massacre, the world learns about mass murder/suicide in Jonestown, orchestrated by cult leader. Survivors try to piece their lives back together.
Series: Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle
The Last Dance

The Last Dance

2020  Culture


2016  Culture
Reel Rock

Reel Rock

2015  Culture
The Crime of the Century

The Crime of the Century

2021  Medicine
The Hunt

The Hunt

2015  Nature
The Life of Mammals

The Life of Mammals

2002  Nature