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The Trials of Superman

   2017    History
Superman is really the all-father of superheroes. He is the Odin from which all else springs forward. Without Superman, there's no Marvel or DC, no billion-dollar blockbusters. His logo is one of the three most recognizable symbols on the planet, and it stands shoulder to shoulder with the crucifix and the Jewish star. Superman became a worldwide phenomenon and was created by two working-class kids from Cleveland, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.
Superman is for justice and it's kind of ironic that there was a great injustice done to his creators. Siegel and Shuster lost everything, and just like Superman, they demanded justice. They fought for years to receive proper credit and compensation.
Series: Secret History of Comics

Across Continents

   2019    Technology    HD
'Speed' investigates mankind's insatiable necessity to move faster and further; for pleasure, for work, to explore, to survive. From ancient outriggers, to modern bullet trains, to the interplanetary travel of tomorrow; This series is a thrilling joyride through the Science and History of travel.
'Across Continents:' Never in the history of humanity have so many of us been mobile, never has our demand for fast, efficient and safe transportation been so high, and never have we relied so heavily on technology to deliver. New innovations propel us into the world of self-driving cars and ultra high-speed trains.
Series: Speed

Olive Oil: How is it Made Myths and Tips

   2021    Nature    HD
From a gift from the gods in ancient times to a fountain of health in modern times. The olive oil making process and history is explored in a journey plenty of humour and magic. The extra-virgin olive oil is the reason behind the Mediterranean diet benefits because is the unique vegetable oil that keeps its plethora of monounsaturated fats while cooking or frying. Discover how olive oil can change your life, its myths and tips.
FDA Review about the Oleic Acid:


   2017    Culture
How does a chef trained in the finest kitchens of France translate his haute cuisine to fast food? Ludo’s obsession with a perfectly cooked bird can be traced back to France, where he learned to roast chicken.
His love for the American classic was solidified in 1996 when he arrived in LA and ate at KFC for the first time. “It was the same sensation,” he’s said, the crunchy skin and juicy flesh, and the gap between his two worlds was bridged. In this episode we learn how a Frenchman became famous for a truly American dish.
Series: The Mind of a Chef


   2021    Medicine
How do the five senses really work? In fact, there are many more than five, and they all work together to create our own version of reality. We dive into the stories of a pairs figure skating team, a perfumer, a cave explorer, and a musician to decipher how different ways of sensing the world all create their own vivid, and unique, picture.
This episode explores the world of human sensation and how it defines reality.
Series: Human: The World Within

Battle of the Bulge

   2020    History
High on cocaine, Hitler hatches an audacious plan to turn the tide of the war. He has been prescribed the drug for injuries sustained when Stauffenberg tried to kill him.
Colourised archive depicts the Germans’ opening salvo artillery barrage and George Patton’s arrival in Bastogne to break the German siege. The film also looks at the role played by commando Otto Skorzeny, who put English-speaking German soldiers behind the lines to sow confusion, spreading the rumour that they try to kill or capture Eisenhower.
Series: Greatest Events of WWII in Colour
The Brain with David Eagleman

The Brain with David Eagleman

   2015    Medicine
The Last Dance

The Last Dance

   2020    Culture
Elvis Presley: The Searcher

Elvis Presley: The Searcher

   2018    History
Top Gear

Top Gear

   2012    Technology
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

   2014    Science
The Beatles: Get Back

The Beatles: Get Back

   2021    Art
Black Hole Apocalypse

Black Hole Apocalypse

   2018    Science
Eagles The Farewell 1 Tour

Eagles The Farewell 1 Tour

   2005    Art