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   2021    Culture
Six midwestern men all survivors of childhood sexual assault at the hands of Catholic priests and clergy come together to direct a drama therapy-inspired experiment designed to collectively work through their trauma. As part of a radically collaborative filmmaking process, they create fictional scenes based on memories, dreams and experiences, meant to explore the church rituals, culture and hierarchies that enabled silence around their abuse. In the face of a failed legal system, we watch these men reclaim the spaces that allowed their assault, revealing the possibility for catharsis and redemption through a new-found fraternity.

Deal with the Devil

   2021    History
Described as one of the most influential female boxers of all time, helping legitimize women’s participation in the sport, Christy Martin shocked the world by becoming a superstar after winning a blood-soaked undercard match at the Mike Tyson/Frank Bruno fight in 1996.
After her meteoric rise, the film breaks down Christy’s incredible fight for survival both in and out of the ring as she battled substance abuse, domestic violence and a harrowing brush with death. We also see Christy’s struggle with her sexual orientation and her journey of self-discovery. This is a story stranger than fiction, that must be seen to be believed.
Series: Untold

The Second Harvest

   2020    Culture
The message of the group begins to change and losing identity and group mentality is pushed. With more lockdowns and rules, longtime members of the group begin to question or leave. With no sex permitted with members, Dick Joslyn’s membership in the cult poses problem for Do... leading to a new request for the group.
With dwindling numbers, the group needs a new boost of membership. The Exit begins to be discussed as the Hale-Bopp Comet approaches.
Series: Heavens Gate


   2022    Culture
In the fourth episode, several women recall their harrowing experiences with one man's heinous attempts at virtual blackmail, aimed at obtaining sensitive sexual material.
A woman tells us: 'I received a message from a man who said: Send me a naked picture or I will kill you'. This young woman was able to add her case to those of other women who were encouraged to denounce and expose the harasser. No one is completely invisible on the Internet.
Series: Web of Make Believe: Death Lies and the Internet

Faking It

   2020    Nature
Reese Witherspoon explains the world of female Macaques, who use sexually ways to ensure their baby monkeys will grow up with strong male protectors. These females have helped to shape one of the most caring primate societies on earth.
Series: Fierce Queens

The School

   2017    Culture
Former students of Archbishop Keough High School reveal allegations of sexual abuse by Father Joseph Maskell, the chaplain of the school. It details the personal story of 'Jane Doe' (Jean Hargadon Wehner) who claims that Father Maskell took her to see the dead body of Sister Catherine Cesnik in Lansdowne, Maryland.
Series: The Keepers
Wonders Of The Universe

Wonders Of The Universe

2011  Science
Space Deepest Secrets

Space Deepest Secrets

2020  Science
Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland

2019  Culture
Life of a Universe

Life of a Universe

2017  Science


1980  Science
History of the Eagles

History of the Eagles

2013  History