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Sagrada Familia the Gaudi revolution

   2022    Art
Construction of the famous Basilica in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudi, was started in 1882. To this day, it has not been completed. The architecture is one of such creative madness, originality, and fantasy, that it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After years of piecing back together Gaudi’s master plan with advancements in computer technology and design, architects have been able to pursue the building, started 140 years ago. However, as construction progresses, some of its greatest challenges have yet to be surmounted, including the construction of 10 more spires. The team hopes to complete the masterpiece by 2026, Gaudi’s 100 year anniversary.
This film documents the complexities of respecting the original inspiration and techniques set forth by Gaudi over a century ago. Juxtaposing sequences shot in the midst of the cathedral as construction ensues, with reenactments and CGI images, the documentary draws you into Gaudi’s paradise on earth, from the origins of its inspiration to the most recent architectural additions.

The House of Special Purpose

   2019    History
Nicholas II abdicates, and civil war erupts. In May 1918, a year after the revolution, the Bolsheviks sent Anastasia, Alexei, Tatiana and Olga to join the rest of the family in Ekaterinburg. They're put in the Ipatiev mansion and It's given the name 'The House of Special Purpose.' As pro-royalist forces close in on the house where the Romanovs are imprisoned, the family's fate is sealed.
Series: The Last Czars

When NASA Met Jupiter

   2019    Science
NASA's revolutionary Juno Probe had a goal visiting Jupiter -- to reveal the deepest mysteries of the Solar System. Everything we see in the our planetary system today is affected by Jupiter somehow in the past or now. So in many ways, Juno is actually giving us a view into the history of the Solar System.
But there are many other questions. Does Jupiter have a core? Why it has a surprisingly warm atmosphere? What's driving Jupiter's storms? What is going on its weird cyclones, its gigantic swirls? The auroras of Jupiter are tremendously large, bigger than the planet itself. where are they coming from? What we're learning, what we're unlocking, it's mind-blowing.
Series: How the Universe Works Series 8

Nazi Mystery Machine

   2020    History
An unassuming 80-year-old device that has the appearance of a typewriter could actually be one of the greatest secret weapons in history. Using cutting-edge digital technology, experts investigate the secrets of a revolutionary encryption machine.
How could there be a carving of a modern helicopter on an ancient Egyptian inscription? can this 800-year-old device covered in strange sayings really predict the future?
Series: Strangest Things


   2019    History
Rasputin is gone, but Nicholas II continues his catastrophic policies in war and at home. When Nicholas goes back to military headquarters, he is in fact leaving control of government, exactly when Russia needed to be held together by its Czar. The war by this time is deeply unpopular. It's not only unpopular, it's also arguably the engine that's causing enormous economic crisis, that's causing general unrest. Deprivation pushes the population from unrest to revolution.
Series: The Last Czars

Going Small

   2022    Science
In this mind-bending series, Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores the vast range of size in the universe, from tiny atoms to gigantic, interconnected galaxies.
In the first episode, Jim will enter the world of objects that are too tiny to glimpse with the naked eye. Starting with the smallest insects, he moves on to encounter living cells with amazing superpowers and confronts some of humanity's deadliest enemies in the form of viruses. Going smaller still, he encounters wondrous new nanomaterials such as graphene, discovered by physicist Andre Geim. These are revolutionising engineering, medicine, computing, electronics and environmental science. Finally, Jim comes face to face with the fundamental building blocks of the world around us – atoms – and reveals why understanding the science of the 'small' is crucial to the future of humanity.
Series: Secrets of Size: Atoms to Supergalaxies
The Crime of the Century

The Crime of the Century

2021  Medicine


2021  Science


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