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Cyber Warfare

   2022    Technology
The way that wars are fought is constantly evolving. In the warfare of today and the future, it's the push of a button rather than the pull of a trigger, bringing disorder without a single soldier setting foot on the ground. The real-world battlefield has morphed from the bloody trenches of the front line into an age of cyber warfare. From collapsing all the infrastructure of a country to changing minds for elections, any threat you can imagine can be done.
Series: Future Warfare

D-Day: As it Happens (2)

   2013    History
D-Day: As It Happens is a 24-hour history event to be broadcast across TV, web, mobile devices and social media, telling the story of this pivotal event in 20th-century history in a completely new way. Using newly-analysed archive footage, viewers can track the progress of seven people who were there on the day, each of them a real participant in the 1944 invasion. And they can do so moment by moment in real time, encountering the twists and turns of the fighting at the same time as the D-Day seven did, and learning their fate as the action unfolds in parallel with the present, Narrated by Peter Snow, with Channel 4 presenter and former marine Arthur Williams, and experts including former British Army officer Colonel Tim Collins and front-line journalist Lorna Ward. The second programme reveals what happened to the seven real people the event is following in real time, and also rounds up the events of D-Day.
Series: D-Day

Dark Net Provoke

   2016    Technology
We all project images of ourselves online - a curated identity that defines how we want to be perceived. But what temptations exist to embellish and what are the dark implications? In this episode, enter the world of Cyberbanging, where inner city youth are using social media to brag, conspire and incite violence; two African-American women bloggers who have turned the table on the trolls who threaten them; and the creator of Abdullah X, an online character who's trying to keep Muslim kids from falling under the spell of Islamic extremists.
Series: Dark Net


   2022    History
Vlad Dracula was somewhat successful in having the upper hand during the first five-hour fight in the night attack; however, Mehmed’s army won the battle because of their strength and numbers. Vlad could not kill Mehmed II and fled the scene. After the battle, Mehmed and his army enter Târgoviște which was abandoned by Vlad Dracula. But when he entered the city, Mehmed saw a horrific scene. Muslims were impaled by Vlad in Târgoviște, and there was a ‘forest of corpses.’ In history, this is considered a sad event for the Turks. The experts said that when Mehmed saw these impaled bodies, he immediately started praying. One of the dead bodies was of his father in law Hamza Bay.
Days before, Mara and Gülbahar foiled the Wallachian plot inside the sultan’s harem. Radu Dracula takes the throne in Wallachia on Mehmed II’s orders. Radu Dracula promises his loyalty to the sultan, and Mehmed gives 2,000 men to him. We see a restless king Mehmed II back in Istanbul, because he was not successful in killing Vlad Dracula. However, after 15 years, Vlad’s head is brought to Istanbul by one of Mehmed’s soldiers at the end of the last episode of the series.
Series: Rise of Empires 2: Mehmed vs Vlad


   2013    Technology
Alex Winter explores the downloading revolution; the kids that created it, the bands and the businesses that were affected by it, and its impact on the world at large. He focuses on the advent of digital media sharing, including the rise of game-changing company Napster and controversial pioneers Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker. The digital revolution ultimately created a technology paradigm shift and upended the music industry. Audiences will hear insight from well known music artists and figures within the music industry including: The Beastie Boys' Mike D, Noel Gallagher, Henry Rollins, former Sony Music Chairman, Don Ienner, former record producer and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell and Hilary Rosen, former CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America.

Enemy of the State

   2010    Technology
Here, Aleks charts how the Web is forging a new brand of politics, both in democracies and authoritarian regimes. With contributions from Al Gore, Martha Lane Fox, Stephen Fry and Bill Gates, Aleks explores how interactive, unmediated sites like Twitter and YouTube have encouraged direct action and politicised young people in unprecedented numbers. Yet, at the same time, the Web's openness enables hardline states to spy and censor, and extremists to threaten with networks of hate and crippling cyber attacks.
Series: The Virtual Revolution
Building Giants

Building Giants

2019  Technology
Out of the Cradle

Out of the Cradle

2019  History
Ice Age Giants

Ice Age Giants

2013  Science


2020  Culture
Leaving Neverland

Leaving Neverland

2019  Culture