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Deal with the Devil

   2021    History
Described as one of the most influential female boxers of all time, helping legitimize women’s participation in the sport, Christy Martin shocked the world by becoming a superstar after winning a blood-soaked undercard match at the Mike Tyson/Frank Bruno fight in 1996.
After her meteoric rise, the film breaks down Christy’s incredible fight for survival both in and out of the ring as she battled substance abuse, domestic violence and a harrowing brush with death. We also see Christy’s struggle with her sexual orientation and her journey of self-discovery. This is a story stranger than fiction, that must be seen to be believed.
Series: Untold

Closing the Net

   2019    History
With the killer's identity - and twisted motives - revealed, the group finds more key clues as the global police manhunt reaches a fever pitch. A question arises: Were we complicit in his crimes? Did we feed the narcissism of the monster to the point where he had to go forward?
Series: Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer
How the Universe Works

How the Universe Works

2014  Science


2017  Science
The Truth About

The Truth About

2018  Medicine