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How Did We Get Here
Zeitgeist Addendum
The Venus Project: Paradise or Oblivion
An Everyday Miracle
The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System
The Ultimate Wave
Flex Is Kings
Tales by Light Wild
The Trouble with Space Junk
The Time Travel
The Survivors
The Birth of Israel
The Story of the Jews: In the Beginning
The Story of Snowboarding
Dolphins and Whales
The Story of Maths To Infinity and Beyond
Prejudice and Pride
The Story of Maths The Language of the Universe
Einsteins Nightmare
The Story of Maths The Genius of the East
The Story of Maths The Frontiers of Space
Roads to Revolution
The Story of Information
Ocean Wonderland 3D
The Story of India: The Meeting of Two Oceans
Know Your Mushrooms
The Story of India: Spice Routes and Silk Roads
Nemesis The Sun Evil Twin
The Story of India: Freedom
The Propaganda Game
The Stone at the Centre
The Story of Everything
The Story of China Ancestors
The Square (Al Midan)
The Spiral
Dancing in the Dark

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What Have UFOs Done for Us
What Have UFOs Done for Us 2015

From unexplained flashes in the night sky to flying saucers, this episode delves into the mysterious world of UFOs. How our drive to explain these bizarre phenomena, and desire to discover little green men, has in fact transformed our understanding of the universe

Category:Culture  Duration:29:00   

Ancient Aliens Debunked: Nazca Lines
Ancient Aliens Debunked: Nazca Lines 

The Nazca Lines of Peru have been an important part of the Ancient Astronaut theory since its beginning. Originally Von Daniken claimed that the lines were kind of a UFO runway, or a type of alien airport, where the alien craft landed and took off. The idea that it was an airport makes no logical sense, and the symbols and rituals which were a huge part of the Nazcan culture more than explain the so called Nazca lines.

Category:History  Duration:8:44   Series: Ancient Aliens

Encyclopaedia Galactica
Encyclopaedia Galactica 1980

Questions are raised about the search for intelligent life beyond the Earth, with UFOs and other close encounters refuted in favor of communications through SETI and radio telescope such as the Arecibo Observatory. The probability of technically advanced civilizations existing elsewhere in the Milky Way is interpreted using the Drake equation and a future hypothetical Encyclopedia Galactica is discussed as a repository of information about other worlds in the galaxy. The Cosmos Update notes that there have been fewer sightings of UFOs and more stories of abductions, while mentioning the META scanning the skies for signals.

Category:Science  Duration:01:00:00   Series: Cosmos

Life: Mammals
Life: Mammals 2009

Mammals dominate the planet. They do it through having warm blood and by the care they lavish on their young. Weeks of filming in the bitter Antarctic winter reveal how a mother Weddell seal wears her teeth down keeping open a hole in the ice so she can catch fish for her pup. A powered hot air balloon produces stunning images of millions of migrating bats as they converge on fruiting trees in Zambia, and slow-motion cameras reveal how a mother rufous sengi exhausts a chasing lizard. A gyroscopically stabilised camera moves alongside migrating caribou, and a diving team swim among the planet's biggest fight as male humpback whales battle for a female.

Category:Nature  Duration:59:00   Series: Life

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