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Secrets of the Sun
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For the Love of Spock
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Place in Space and Time
Space Station
Evolutions: The Walking Whale
Shine a Light 2of2
Shine a Light 1of2
Next of Kin
Chemistry: The Power of the Elements
Bear Necessities
The Hunt for Artificial Intelligence
Secretive Creatures
The Day they Dropped the Bomb

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Goya: Crazy Like A Genius
Goya: Crazy Like A Genius 2007

Written and presented by Robert Hughes, one of the world’s most prominent art commentators, this program explores the life and work of Francisco Goya—focusing on the painter’s subversive, often gruesome outlook. The video provides in-depth visual and intellectual analysis of dark Goya masterpieces, including The Dream of Reason, Witches in the Air, and The Third of May, as well as examples of his portraiture and early work—such as The Duchess of Alba, both Majas, and a gratuitously violent tapestry painting. Links between Goya’s work, deafness, and political stance are explored in detail, while observations from painter Leon Golub highlight Goya’s continuing relevance.

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