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Quantum Computing
The Making of Jurassic Park
Secrets of the Sun
Should I Eat Meat
Chasing Ice
Changing the Game
Capone First Kill
Titanic 100 Years
Across the Hindu Kush
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
The Birth of Rock
The Riddles of Black Holes
Last Man Standing
The Revelation of the Pyramids
The Joy of Mozart
The Red Sea
Cosmic Apocalypse
Ancient Aliens Debunked: Nazca Lines
The Queen of Sheba
The French Revolution: Tearing Up History
Birth of Humanity
The Punk Syndrome
Playful Creatures
Dirty Wars
The Propaganda Game
The Ultimate Wave
Life After People
The Private Life of Plants: Travelling
Venus and Mercury
I am Ali
The Art of Flight
What Is Out There
Archimedes Secret
The Power Of The Placebo
The White Helmets
The Persistence of Memory

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Racism: A History. The Colour of Money
Racism: A History. The Colour of Money 2007

The series explores the impact of racism on a global scale and chronicles the shifts in the perception of race and the history of racism in Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia. The first episode begins by assessing the implications of the relationship between Europe, Africa and the Americas in the 15th century. It considers how racist ideas and practices developed in key religious and secular institutions, and how they showed up in writings by European philosophers Aristotle and Immanuel Kant.

Category:Culture  Duration:59:00   Series: Racism: A History

Why Do I Need You
Why Do I Need You 2015

In ‘Why Do I Need You?’ Dr. David Eagleman explores how the human brain relies on other brains to thrive and survive. Our fundamentally social nature can hold the key to our sucdess as a species. Our brains are so fundamentally wired to interact that we are something more like a single vast super-organism. In this age of digital connection, we desperately need to understand how human brains interact if we want our civilization to have a future, if we want to avoid fanaticism and to embrace cooperation. This neural interdependence begins at birth. Dr. David Eagleman invites a group of babies to a puppet show to showcase their ability to discern who is trustworthy, and who isn’t.

Category:Medicine  Duration:55:00   Series: The Brain with David Eagleman

Dark Net Provoke
Dark Net Provoke 2016

We all project images of ourselves online - a curated identity that defines how we want to be perceived. But what temptations exist to embellish and what are the dark implications? In this episode, enter the world of Cyberbanging, where inner city youth are using social media to brag, conspire and incite violence; two African-American women bloggers who have turned the table on the trolls who threaten them; and the creator of Abdullah X, an online character who's trying to keep Muslim kids from falling under the spell of Islamic extremists.

Category:Technology  Duration:25:51   Series: Dark Net

Fatal Impact
Fatal Impact 2007

This episode examines the idea of scientific racism, an ideology invented during the 19th century that drew on now discredited practices such as phrenology and provided an ideological justification for racism and slavery. The episode shows how these theories ultimately led to eugenics and Nazi racial policies of the master race.

Category:Culture  Duration:59:00   Series: Racism: A History

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