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Clash of the Gods: Zeus
A New War Begins
Enemy of the State
Last of the Giants
Clash of the Gods: Hades
Making a Murderer Plight of the Accused
Project Greenglow The Quest for Gravity Control
Clash of the Gods: The Minotaur
Insect Hunters
Addicted to Sexting
Plant Predators
For the Love of Spock
The White Helmets
Place in Space and Time
Space Station
Evolutions: The Walking Whale
Shine a Light 2of2
Shine a Light 1of2
Next of Kin
Chemistry: The Power of the Elements
Bear Necessities
The Hunt for Artificial Intelligence
Secretive Creatures
The Day they Dropped the Bomb
Alpha Egg
Dinosaur Planet: White Tip Journey
Little Das Hunt
Fight for Life
Last  Killers
Lost World
Zeitgeist Addendum
More Than Human
Zeitgeist Moving Forward

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The Story of Maths To Infinity and Beyond
The Story of Maths To Infinity and Beyond 2008

In the fourth episode, Professor Marcus du Sautoy concludes his investigation into the history of mathematics with a look at some of the great unsolved problems that confronted mathematicians in the 20th century. After exploring Georg Cantor's work on infinity and Henri Poincare's work on chaos theory, he sees how mathematics was itself thrown into chaos by the discoveries of Kurt Godel and Paul Cohen, before completing his journey by considering some unsolved problems of maths today, including the Riemann Hypothesis.

Category:Science  Duration:58:00   Series: The Story of Maths

Dangerous Knowledge: The Enigma
Dangerous Knowledge: The Enigma 2007

brilliant mathematicians whose genius has profoundly affected us, but which tragically drove them insane and eventually led to them all committing suicide. Kurt Gödel, the introverted confidant of Einstein, proved that there would always be problems which were outside human logic. His life ended in a sanatorium where he starved himself to death. Finally, Alan Turing, the great Bletchley Park code breaker, father of computer science and homosexual, died trying to prove that some things are fundamentally unprovable.

Category:Science  Duration:44:43   Series: Dangerous knowledge

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