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The White Helmets
The Persistence of Memory
Armenia, the Land of Noah
The Challenger
Waltz With Bashir
Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
Taking To The Air
Touching the Void
The Outer Planets
Racing Extinction
The Oceans
Frenzied Killing
Pluto and Beyond
Journey to Space
Cosmic Phenomena
Land Of The Mammoth
The Age of Aging
Alien Technology
The Fourth Phase
The Story of China Ancestors
Audrie and Daisy
Over the Rainbow
Seasonal Forests
Life: Primates
Workingman Death
Dawn Of Humanity
This Is It
Life Rocky Start
14 Days of Blood
Hitting the Apex
A New War Begins
The Nazis, A Warning From History. Episode 2
Race For Rockets
Lack of Humility
When East Meets West

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The Art of Russia: Out of the Forest
The Art of Russia: Out of the Forest 2009

Art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the incredible story of Russian art, its mystery and magnificence and until now a story untold. He explores the origins of the Russian icon from its roots in Byzantium and the first great Russian icon, Our Lady of Vladimir to the masterpieces of the country's most famous icon painter, Andrei Rublev. Both epic and awe-inspiring, and producing brilliant art", nevertheless medieval Russia could be a terrifying place. Criss-crossing the epic landscape, Andrew visits the monastery founded by Ivan the Terrible, where his favourite forms of torture found inspiration in religious art. One man would shine a light into Russia's 'dark' ages - Peter the Great who, surprisingly, took as his inspiration Deptford in South London.

Category:Art  Duration:59:00   Series: The Art of Russia

Orthodoxy From Empire to Empire
Orthodoxy From Empire to Empire 2011

In the third part of his journey into the history of Christianity, Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch charts Orthodoxy's extraordinary fight for survival. After its glory days in the eastern Roman Empire, it stood right in the path of Muslim expansion, suffered betrayal by crusading Catholics, was seized by the Russian tsars and faced near-extinction under Soviet communism. MacCulloch visits the greatest collection of early icons in the Sinai desert, a surviving relic of the iconoclastic crisis in Istanbul and Ivan the Terrible's cathedral in Moscow to discover the secret of Orthodoxy's endurance.

Category:Culture  Duration:57:42   Series: A History of Christianity

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