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The Square (Al Midan)
The Spiral
Dancing in the Dark
The Incredible Human Journey: Africa
The Southern Ocean
The Edge of Forever
The Sound and the Fury: A Century of Modern Music. Wrecking Ball
The Serpent and the Lotus
Vice: Killer Kids
The Hawking Paradox
The Clash of Titans
Why Do Viruses Kill
Playful Creatures
The Great Survivors
Daft Punk Unchained
Neptune and Uranus
Addicted to Sexting
Vegan 2017 The Film
The Hunt for Artificial Intelligence
The Gatekeepers
JFK: To the Brink
Avatar: Creating the World of Pandora
Solving the Secrets
Listen to Me Marlon
Mental liberation
Galapagos: Born of Fire
Fermat Last Theorem
Wildest Weather in the Cosmos
Enemy of the Senate
Alien Technology
Travels with Vasari 2
Food Inc
Beyond the Big Bang
Sisters of the Sun

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What Have UFOs Done for Us
What Have UFOs Done for Us 2015

From unexplained flashes in the night sky to flying saucers, this episode delves into the mysterious world of UFOs. How our drive to explain these bizarre phenomena, and desire to discover little green men, has in fact transformed our understanding of the universe

Category:Culture  Duration:29:00   

UFO the Real Deal
UFO the Real Deal 2011

Many argue that flying saucers and other extra-terrestrial space ships continuously visit the earth. If that were true, what kinds of technologies would such alien spacecraft require? And do eyewitness reports of UFO sightings jibe with modern theories of how interstellar travel might be possible? Authors, astronomers and theoretical physicists weigh in with the blueprints for inertia-canceling devices, nuclear-powered craft, antimatter propulsion systems and even warp drives. Based on Einstein's theories and countless scientific studies, we'll find out how these visitors might bridge the vast distances between the stars. And if they could survive such hazardous journeys, are they flesh and blood or intelligent machines?

Category:Technology  Duration:44:00      

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