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The Cost of Free
History of the Eagles 2
First Second of the Big Bang
Secrets of the Sun
The Cove
Frozen Planet: To the Ends of the Earth
To the Ends of the World
Conquest of the Skies The first to flight
Chemistry: Discovering the Elements
A Leap of Faith
Snake Killers Honey Badgers of The Kalahari
The Clash of Titans
In Search of Beethoven I
In Search of Beethoven II
Clash of the Gods: Zeus
A New War Begins
Enemy of the State
Last of the Giants
Clash of the Gods: Hades
Making a Murderer Plight of the Accused
Project Greenglow The Quest for Gravity Control
Clash of the Gods: The Minotaur
Insect Hunters
Addicted to Sexting
Plant Predators
For the Love of Spock
The White Helmets
Place in Space and Time
Space Station
Evolutions: The Walking Whale
Shine a Light 2of2
Shine a Light 1of2
Next of Kin
Chemistry: The Power of the Elements

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The End of God
The End of God 2010

Dr Thomas Dixon delves into the BBC's archive to explore the troubled relationship between religion and science. From the creationists of America to the physicists of the Large Hadron Collider, he traces the expansion of scientific knowledge and asks whether there is still room for God in the modern world. He looks at what happens when new scientific discoveries start to explain events that were once seen as the workings of God, and explains how some of our most famous scientists have seen God in the grandest laws of the universe. Finally, he finds intriguing evidence from brain science which hints that belief in God is here to stay.

Category:Culture  Duration:58:00   

Allergy Planet
Allergy Planet 2008

We are in the grip of an allergy epidemic. 50 years ago one in 30 were affected, but in Britain today it is closer to one in three. Why this should be is one of modern medicine's greatest puzzles. In search of answers, Horizon travels round the globe, from the remotest inhabited island to the polluted centres of California and the UK. We meet sufferers and the scientists who have dedicated their lives trying to answer the mystery of why we are becoming allergic to our world.

Category:Medicine  Duration:58:36   

Land Of The Mammoth
Land Of The Mammoth  2003

Journey through the long-vanished corners of prehistoric North America, beginning when man first entered the vast, unspoiled continent some 14,000 years ago, in this appealing BBC documentary. Witness ancient beasts, mammoths, mastodons, giant bears, and sabre-toothed cats, and see the legacies each has passed to their modern successors. Computer animation and digital effects bring to life mammoths, saber-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, short-faced bears, glyptodonts, and a plethora of smaller animals in a lush Ice Age mosaic.

Category:Nature  Duration:49:00   Series: Prehistoric America

Are We Still Evolving
Are We Still Evolving 2011

Dr Alice Roberts asks one of the great questions about our species: are we still evolving? There's no doubt that we're a product of millions of years of evolution. But thanks to modern technology and medicine, did we escape Darwin's law of the survival of the fittest? Alice follows a trail of clues from ancient human bones to studies of remarkable people living in the most inhospitable parts of the planet and the frontiers of genetic research, to discover if we are still evolving - and where we might be heading.

Category:Science  Duration:59:00   

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