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Time Travel
Through the Wormhole: Is There a Creator
Through the Wormhole Season 6: Are We Here for a Reason
Across the Hindu Kush
The life of Buddha
Crash Landing on Mars
The World Set Free
The White Helmets
The Virus of Faith
Deep Sea
The Square (Al Midan)
Are We Still Evolving
Death Of The Universe
The Worst Car in the History of the World
Surprising Beginnings
Unexplained Mysteries
Sex, Death And The Meaning Of Life
Footsteps in the Snow
Beware the Slenderman
The Vikings Uncovered
Travels with Vasari 1
Aliens: The Big Think
For the Love of Spock
The Nazis, A Warning From History. Episode 2
The Enemy of My Enemy
The Chemistry of Life
Can Time Go Backwards
A Death in the Family
The Backbone of Night
Mammoths To Manhattan
Childbirth: All or Nothing
Escape from North Korea
Travels with Vasari 2
The Mastery of Flight
The Internets Own Boy. The Story of Aaron Swartz

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The Irrational Health Service
The Irrational Health Service 

Richard Dawkins examines the growing suspicion the public has for science-based medicine, despite its track record of successes like the germ theory of disease, vaccines, antibiotics and increased lifespan. He notes a fifth of British children are currently not immunised against measles, mumps and rubella, attributing it to fears arising from a highly controversial report linking the vaccine with autism. Dawkins criticizes the growing field of alternative medicine which does not pass the same objective and statistical rigour as scientifically derived treatments using controlled double-blind studies. Without verifiable evidence, alternative therapies must rely on biased anecdotes and word of mouth to perpetuate. Dawkins observes these treatments have fanciful rationales and rituals behind them, with many alternative treatments employing pseudoscientific jargon such as "energy", "vibration" or "quantum theory" to give themselves greater credence to patients.

Category:Medicine  Duration:47:53   Series: Enemies of Reason

Can We Make a Star on Earth
Can We Make a Star on Earth 2009

Could nuclear fusion hold the answers to the energy crisis? It is the process that has forged all matter in the universe. It lights the stars and it is what transformed the lighter atoms that formed in the Big Bang into heavier atoms. In Can We Make a Star on Earth?, Brian Cox peers beyond the glare of our Sun to reveal the hidden forces that provide its power. He discovers how this fusion energy has kept our closest star burning for five billion years. Brian believes humanity must build a star on Earth to ensure survival. Will scientists be able to harness fusion power and achieve abundant, cheap, clean energy?

Category:Technology  Duration:59:00   

The Fukushima Lights
The Fukushima Lights 

Documentary about the Fukushima catastrophe.

Category:Technology  Duration:1:13:19   

Fire 2010

Iain explores man's relationship with fire. He begins by embarking on an extraordinary encounter with this terrifying force of nature - a walk right through the heart of a raging fire. Fire has long been our main source of energy and Iain shows how this meant that the planet played a crucial role in Britain's industrial revolution, whilst holding China's development back. Along the way he dives in a mysterious lake in Oregon, climbs a glacier of salt, crawls through an extraordinary cave in Iran and takes a therapeutic bath in crude oil.

Category:Culture  Duration:59:00   Series: How Earth Made Us

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