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History of the World: Survival
War of the Century: High Hopes
The Human Face of Big Data
Some of the Things That Molecules Do
We Are Legion The Story of the Hacktivists
Unafraid of the Dark
Diving into the Unknown
Hidden Worlds 3D Caves of the Dead
Land of the Cave-Bear
Mysteries of the Unseen World
Awake The life of Yogananda
The Hunt For Higgs
The Cost of Free
History of the Eagles 2
First Second of the Big Bang
Secrets of the Sun
The Cove
Frozen Planet: To the Ends of the Earth
To the Ends of the World
Conquest of the Skies The first to flight
Chemistry: Discovering the Elements
A Leap of Faith
Snake Killers Honey Badgers of The Kalahari
The Clash of Titans
In Search of Beethoven I
In Search of Beethoven II
Clash of the Gods: Zeus
A New War Begins
Enemy of the State
Last of the Giants
Clash of the Gods: Hades
Making a Murderer Plight of the Accused
Project Greenglow The Quest for Gravity Control
Clash of the Gods: The Minotaur

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Allergy Planet
Allergy Planet 2008

We are in the grip of an allergy epidemic. 50 years ago one in 30 were affected, but in Britain today it is closer to one in three. Why this should be is one of modern medicine's greatest puzzles. In search of answers, Horizon travels round the globe, from the remotest inhabited island to the polluted centres of California and the UK. We meet sufferers and the scientists who have dedicated their lives trying to answer the mystery of why we are becoming allergic to our world.

Category:Medicine  Duration:58:36   

Fire 2010

Iain explores man's relationship with fire. He begins by embarking on an extraordinary encounter with this terrifying force of nature - a walk right through the heart of a raging fire. Fire has long been our main source of energy and Iain shows how this meant that the planet played a crucial role in Britain's industrial revolution, whilst holding China's development back. Along the way he dives in a mysterious lake in Oregon, climbs a glacier of salt, crawls through an extraordinary cave in Iran and takes a therapeutic bath in crude oil.

Category:Culture  Duration:59:00   Series: How Earth Made Us

Blood Of The Vikings: Last of the Vikings
Blood Of The Vikings: Last of the Vikings  2001

In the last of the series, Julian Richards uncovers new information from the battle in 1066 between Viking warlord Harald Hardrada and King Harold of England that marked the end of the Viking age in Britain. Results from a nationwide genetic survey show where in Britain the Vikings left a measurable contribution.

Category:History  Duration:49:22   Series: Blood of the Vikings

Blood Of The Vikings: Rulers
Blood Of The Vikings: Rulers  2001

Julian Richards recalls how, after years of raiding, England's resistance was so weakened that, in the early 11th century, the Vikings were finally able to seize the throne. In other parts of the British Isles however, they gained and maintained power by integration.

Category:History  Duration:47:56   Series: Blood of the Vikings

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