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Quantum Computing
A Plastic Ocean
Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe
Dark Net Rewire
Pandora Promise
Killing Kennedy
Beyond Thinking
The Normans: Men from the North
Point and Shoot
The New Latinos
The Last Empire
The Nazis, A Warning From History. Episode 6
Fight for Glory
The Nazis, A Warning From History. Episode 5
The Nazis, A Warning From History. Episode 4
Colours of Life
The Nazis, A Warning From History. Episode 3
CyberWar Threat
The Nazis, A Warning From History. Episode 1
Generation Iron
The Mystical North
Ocean Predators
Birth of the Earth
The Mystery of Dark Energy
The Mountains
Flying Monsters
The Mediterranean Sea
More Than Human
The Mastery of Flight
Heaven and Hell
The Making of Jurassic Park
The Art of Flight
The Lives of the Stars
Nowhere to Hide
The Insatiable Appetite
The Indian Ocean Coastal Waters

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Unity 2015

This is a film for all who hunger for a deeper meaning to existence, and a more unified way of living with one another, with all expressions of life. Just imagine a world that didn't rely on opposites (us/them, rich/poor, black/white, gay/straight, human/animal, etc.), but rather a world that perceived only wholeness. UNITY presents the notion of a world in which we are all equally valued, even though we are not the same: Human, Animal, Tree.

Category:Culture  Duration:1:35:30   

Beyond Death
Beyond Death 2016

At a crucial time in history, when religious violence is impacting peace all over the world, and science is venturing into areas that were once the realms of faith, Morgan Freeman embarks on a journey around the globe and through the centuries to uncover the Story of God. He will explore different cultures and religions on the ultimate quest to uncover the meaning of life, God and all these big questions in between. In the first episode, the actor examines religious belief. He starts by discussing the afterlife with scientists, scholars, a Hindu monk and a man who had a near-death experience.

Category:Culture  Duration:49:58   Series: The Story of God

Rescue 2011

The film captures the dynamics and drama of disaster response, giving the audience an insiders view of a truly remarkable force for good in a world that is increasingly in need of it. From the individual civilian at risk for their life adrift at sea to a massive natural disaster threatening thousands of lives, there is a mechanism and resources in place to help save lives. Oddly, the instrument of hostility, the military, is even more often the instrument for saving civilian lives on both a smaller and larger scale. Disaster Response commands are in place to deploy appropriate resources to trouble spots at a moment's notice, often requiring split second decisions with many lives at stake.

Category:Culture  Duration:44:14      

Arabia 2011

Discover a land as exotic as it is extraordinary. Arabia offers an in-depth understanding of one of the most fascinating lifestyles and cultures. Cross the dunes with a caravan of camels, dive in the treasure-filled Red Sea, explore the ruins of the lost city of Petra, and relive the golden age of Islamic inventions. A precious land imprinted with myths and mysteries.

Category:Culture  Duration:46:08      

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