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   2019    Medicine
The final episode of this series looks at what happens to the brain when someone uses psychedelic drugs. It looks at how psychedelic drugs may be useful in dealing with anxiety in cancer survivors and serious depression. It explores the history of psychedelics and examines early medical experimentation with the drug. It also discussed why psychedelics were banned and examines how they affect the brain.
Series: The Mind Explained

Should I Die

   2019    Culture
Someday, I will die. But should I? If I was offered a longer life, I would take that in a second. But how long is too long? Is death something I should deny forever, or is death and the role it plays in the universe something I am better off accepting?
Series: Mind Field


Michael Moore’s documentary sets out to investigate the highly profitable American health care industry, compares it to other nations and shows HMO horror stories. Sticking to his tried-and-true one-man approach, Moore sheds light on the complicated medical affairs of individuals and local communities. Sicko is as indicting as the rest of Moore’s films.

The Body vs Coronavirus

   2020    Medicine    HD
How can we cope with the tricky coronavirus now rampant worldwide? As the pandemic tightens its grip on the world, there are important unanswered questions about this novel virus: Why does this infection spread so rapidly from people with no symptoms? Why do some people become critical while others don't? Will a definitive treatment be found? The underlying key to these questions lie in our immune system. Immune cells are microscopic warriors, combating viruses and another pathogens.
Through the high-tech 'eyes' of next-generation microscopes and computer-generated imagery, we will see how our immune defense corps combat against microbes and what mechanism is expected to help develop treatment.

The Electric Brain

   2018    Medicine
The nervous system is fundamentally electric. When we move our arm, it moves because a electric signal has been sent to the muscle that controls it. Now, because the brain is electric, we could also use electricity to record what the brain is doing or bypass it entirely, and control a body. That means that we could restore movement to people who are paralyzed, feel through an artificial hand as if it was our own, and even read people's minds.
Michael Stevens explores how electricity can be used to move cockroaches, control other peoples' limbs and even read peoples' thoughts.
Series: Mind Field Season 2
Chef's Table
Chef's Table

   2017    Art
The Last Dance
The Last Dance

   2020    Culture
The Sky at Night
The Sky at Night

   2015    Culture
Inner Worlds Outer Worlds
Inner Worlds Outer Worlds

   2012    Culture
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

   2014    Science
Reel Rock
Reel Rock

   2014    Culture