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2005     1:03:04    761 Views

Eagles The Farewell 1 Tour 3of3

Eagles The Farewell 1 Tour 3of3

The live concert also contain hits from Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Joe Walsh's solo careers, and a few new songs as well, including Walsh's 'One Day at a Time' and 'Hole in the World,' Frey and Henley's moving, almost gospel-tinged reaction to the events of 9/11/01.
As for the somewhat cheeky title, well, there's always been a certain smugness to the Eagles' sense of humor, and it's no different this time, as Frey doesn't even pretend that there won't be a Farewell 2 Tour in the future. And why not? These are good songs, played beautifully by the quartet (plus supplemental musicians) to audiences that love them.