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Factories of Death
Enigma Man
Turtle Power The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Africa the Greatest Show on Earth
Liberation and Revenge
Frenzied Killing
Ghosts of the Abyss
Orders and Initiatives
Pandas: The Journey Home
Space Station
Aftermath Population Zero
The Wehrmacht The Blitzkrieg
Amazing Ocean
Surprising Beginnings
The Mastery of Flight
Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie
Taking To The Air
Our Universe
The Bomb
The Making of Jurassic Park
The Science of Interstellar
Dinosaurs Giants of Patagonia
One Life on the Limit
Orbit: Earth Extraordinary Journey July to December
The Virus of Faith
Cocaine Cowboys
Dawn of the Driverless Car
The Mission Begins
Awake The life of Yogananda
Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe
The Search for a New Earth
Our Blue Planet
The Mars Generation
Why are Thin People not Fat
Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles

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Free 3D Movies to watch with VR Glasses or Stereoscopic Technique

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Mars    2010

Mars is filled with mysteries, Volcanoes 77 000 feet tall, Huge canyons, 3000 miles across and 6 miles deep, all kinds of interesting features. Awaiting you is some of the greatest scenery in our Solar System, on a world where water once ruled, then vanished into thin air. Where lost microbe empires may still survive underground. We've seen the postcards, and we do wish we were there.

Category:Science  Duration:45:48   Series: A Traveler Guide to the Planets

Jupiter    2010

Head beyond the Asteroid Belt for an out of this world experience. Welcome to Jupiter, home of high adrenaline adventure. Plunge into its mysterious depths. When you drop through the clouds it would get darker and hotter. At the center the temperatures are hotter than the surface of the sun and the pressures are unimaginably high.

Category:Science  Duration:45:58   Series: A Traveler Guide to the Planets

Pluto and Beyond
Pluto and Beyond    2011

Pluto is one of the Smaller than our own Moon, Pluto has never had a single visitor from Earth - until now. We keep saying, 'This is it, this is humanity's trip to Pluto. For the first time in human history, Pluto is about to be revealed. We can expect surprises, it's almost guaranteed. Until then, we can only guess what Pluto looks like. And recently, astronomers decided not to call it a planet any more. Once thought to be an isolated oddity, Pluto now marks the beginning of a whole new frontier. it's as if the explorers had climbed up to the top of the Rockies and were looking over and could see the lands of California on the other side. There has never been a better time to venture where no human has gone before. To follow in the footsteps of our robot pioneers and explore beyond the planets of our Solar System.

Category:Science  Duration:45:48   Series: A Traveler Guide to the Planets

Nothing    2011

The second part, Nothing, explores science at the very limits of human perception, where we now understand the deepest mysteries of the universe lie. Professor Jim Al-Khalili sets out to answer one very simple question - what is nothing? His journey ends with perhaps the most profound insight about reality that humanity has ever made. Everything came from nothing. The quantum world of the super small shaped the vast universe we inhabit today, and Jim can prove it.

Category:Science  Duration:58:55   Series: Everything and Nothing

The Clash of Titans
The Clash of Titans    2012

The most famous – and perhaps most misunderstood – episodes in the epic history of the Holy Wars that are known to history as The Crusades – the clash between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. In July 1192, Richard the Lionheart stood poised for a strike on Jerusalem, while Saladin – mighty sultan of Islam – readied his troops inside the city, preparing for the inevitable attack. During a year-long campaign across Palestine, these two legendary leaders had fought each other to a stand-still. Thousands had perished, appalling atrocities had been perpetrated on both sides. And now they faced each other in a battle for their sacred objective.

Category:History  Duration:58:32   Series: The Crusades

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