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Free 3D Movies to watch with VR Glasses or Stereoscopic Technique
Free 3D Movies to watch with VR Glasses or Stereoscopic Technique

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Big Bugs
Big Bugs 2012

The world of bugs normally passes beneath our notice, yet shrink yourself to their size, see them in 3D and you’ll enter a world you’d never believe existed. Big Bugs in 3D uses specially developed 3D technology to take the viewer on a global journey, from Mexico and the rainforests of Asia to our own backyards. There are perhaps four and a half million different kinds of bugs sharing the planet with us. They exist in a bewildering variety of forms, some more like creatures from an alien world. Big Bugs asks how and why these creatures have become so successful.

Category: Nature    Duration: 52:00   

Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns 2013

Carlsbad Caverns are located in the Chihuahuan Desert of southern New Mexico, within the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. There are more than 100 caves. The Natural Entrance is a path into the namesake Carlsbad Cavern. Stalactites cling to the roof of the Big Room, a huge underground chamber in the cavern.

Category: Nature    Duration: 11:11   

St Peter and the Papal Basilicas of Rome
St Peter and the Papal Basilicas of Rome 2016

After the success of Florence and the Uffizi, a new film production by Sky 3D and the Vatican Television Centre, taking you on a journey through the four Papal Basilicas in Rome and their treasures: St. Peter’s (one of the 25 destinations most visited by travellers from all over the world), St. John in the Lateran, St. Mary Major and St. Paul Outside the Walls. Four majestic buildings – each with a precious papal altar, each a treasure trove of timeless works of art and a destination for millions of travellers and pilgrims over the centuries – play the leading role in a new film tour that has been recognized as a work of cultural interest by the film board of the Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism.

Category: Art    Duration: 1:31:00   

Yellowstone: America first National Park
Yellowstone: America first National Park 2015

On a vast plateau cradled in the heart of the rocky mountain range lies two million acres of unspoiled wilderness, never farmed and never fenced. Canyons, lakes, rivers and mountains, a refuge for magnificent animals and a spiritual sanctuary for generations of Americans, all resting on the largest super volcano in North America. This is Yellowstone, America's first national park, a raw and powerful beauty that truly comes to life through immersive 3D.

Category: Nature    Duration: 46:02   

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